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[Sticky] Tipster Competition EURO 2024 - Guess the final results and win $100 weekly

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Welcome to our Tipster Game for EURO 2024. We are giving $100 for the 1st place, $50 for the 2nd and $30 for the 3rd place. Here are the rules:

  • Players should give their predictions 1 hour before the first match of the day. (predictions for all daily matches must be submitted through 1 comment in our daily post)
  • For each correct final result a player will receive 10 points.
  • When all matches for the day are finished we will publish the daily ranking.
  • The user with the most points collected will receive $100, the second $50 and the third 30$. At the end of every 7 days we will send the weekly winners their prizes (paypal, skrill, neteller).
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