Meet Our Team

Anton Stoychev



Anton is the one who launched Legit.Casino in 2022 with the idea to create a advanced platform for evaluating online casinos.

Strahil Ivanov


Casino Analyser 

Strahil is the man who checks the legitimacy of every casino. He inspects every single detail regarding the casino and its authenticity.

Lilia Buneva


Content Creator

Lilia is responsible for the detailed reports of the casinos. She reviews the sites and describes every single detail that can help users make their choice.

Emilia Bodenova


Content Manager

Emilia is the person who works on our platform and uploads the content. She is a perfectionist and loves to polish everything to the last detail.

Ekaterina Yanakieva



Ekaterina is the connection with our customers and partners. She enjoys creating visual art and you will often find her active on our social networks.

Vanina Kostova


Casino Analyser 

Vanina is our casino reviewer who is always on the lookout for the smallest details and checking the legitimacy of casinos.