Is Dash Video Casino legit?

After our deep exploration of the crypto casino, we found Dash Video to be questionable. The platform does not own an official license, limits payment methods to only Dash and has unfair general terms. However, the casino does not require verification and provides users with fast payouts and unlimited withdrawal amounts. Learn more about Dash Video Casino in our review.

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Dash Video Casino is Questionable

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Dash Video Casino does not have a welcome bonus.

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Dash Video Casino does not have a welcome bonus.




Dash Video Casino does not operate under official license.


We could not verify the owner of the casino.


English 🌎


Crypto withdrawal: 5-10min


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @BTCVideoCasino


PaymentMin DepositMax Monthly Withdrawal
Dashno limitno limit
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Dash Video Casino Review

Is Dash Video Casino legit?

Dash Video Casino was established in 2018. The platform is designed for casino gaming and entertainment. The casino does not offer online sports betting. Dash Video Casino only works with the DASH cryptocurrency.

Dash Video Casino review

The website of the online platform is classic, with a slightly outdated design. The casino has developed its own mobile app for Android, where you can play most of the games available on the site.
Dash Video Casino offers games such as video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno and slot games. You don’t need to create and confirm an account to play. Account creation happens anonymously and automatically once you log into the site.

Casino legitimacy

Casino advantages

Dash Video Casino operates without a valid gaming license. Furthermore, our team of experts could not find out which company owns the platform. The casino has no support that is available 24/7. You can only email the customer contact department. Payments are only made via the DASH cryptocurrency, which limits the variety of payment methods quite a bit. The casino offers unfair conditions to its user and we define Dash Video Casino as “suspicious”.

However, there are positive factors that are visible in our review and these are the unlimited monthly withdrawals and the fact that the casino is not affiliated with a blacklisted casino. Furthermore, the platform has been in the gambling industry market for over a year.
Nevertheless, think very carefully before you decide to gamble at this casino.

Dash Video Casino is cryptocurrency gambling platform that does not require a verification. It operates under no official license. We recommend visiting licensed platform, like legit Luxury Casino.

According to our LegitoMeter Dash Video Casino is QUESTIONABLE

Factors affecting our LegitoMeter


Withdrawal times

Winning limits

Support 24/7

Fair bonus terms

User ratings

Fake casino games

Withdrawal limits

Casino older than 12 months

Variety of payment methods

Fair terms and conditions

Related blacklisted casino


No πŸ‘Ž

Fast πŸ‘

No πŸ‘

No πŸ‘Ž



No πŸ‘

High πŸ‘

Yes πŸ‘

No πŸ‘Ž

No πŸ‘Ž

No πŸ‘


Summary of our Legitometer and the most important factors it monitors.

  • Dash Video Casino does not hold an official license and that’s a negative factor.
  • Withdrawal times are quick, which is a positive factor.
  • No win limits at the platform, which is a plus.
  • The support can be reached via the provided email or twitter page. However, there isn’t a live chat support 24/7. That’s a negative factor. Feel free to read our review on Casino Action, which provides customer support all the time.
  • No max limits set for withdrawals.
  • The casino is operating for more than 12 months, which we consider to be positive factor.
  • Only Dash can be used as a payment currency, which is a disadvantage.
  • Terms and conditions are deemed unfair by our team. If you are inactive for a set period of time you can loose all your Dash in the account. As the casino does not require verification, they cannot contact you. This is a drawback as well.
  • Dash Video Casino is not related to any blacklists, which is plus.

Latest user reviews

not fair

February 12, 2024

After playing for two months I realized that this casino is unfair. They often void my winnings and support is lying. Yesterday they locked my account and nobody told me why. I had $760 at my balance. I am afraid I won’t be able to get my money.

Avatar for Sissie

no winning

February 12, 2024

There is no winning at this site. I had luck a few times but they never paid me what I have earned. They made 100 excuses in order not to pay me. I had given them over 1k and they even refuse to give me free spins… this site is a trash!

Avatar for Roberta

not fair

February 12, 2024

I had to write them constantly for the past two months so that they pay me what I had earned. They’re unbelievable, they will make all sorts of excuses not to pay but I decided that I won’t give up. Finally, yesterday I received my winning, but I am done with this casino. They’re not fair.

Avatar for Denial

Facts about DashVideoCasino

Casino facts

Dash Video Casino can be a great gambling platform for the cryptocurrency fans. In this part of the review, we want to inform you about the casino’s facts and features that we found. Be aware that the casino is very limited, regarding the information which provides.

  • The available language of the website is English.
  • There is no information in which countries the casino is banned.
  • Contacting the portal is done by sending an email.
  • Dash Video Casino have their own software provider and that is Dash Video Casino.
  • The casino has one payment method and that is the DASH cryptocurrency.
  • There is no minimum deposit amount in the casino.
  • You don’t need to verify your account at Dash Video Casino.
  • The casino offers its users a referral program. You can recommend the casino to other players. Their accounts are linked to yours. You then start earning commission on all the games that player plays.
  • Withdrawals for the month are unlimited.
  • The currency in which you can deposit at the casino is the DASH cryptocurrency only.

Advantages and disadvantages

Casino pros and cons

Our team of experts found Dash Video Casino to have more cons than pros. See the table below and let us know what you think. You can also visit Casino Quatro, which is well-established, secure, trustworthy and verified by official gambling commission.


πŸ‘ Instant payouts

πŸ‘ No withdrawal limits

πŸ‘ No win limits imposed

πŸ‘ The casino is not included in any blacklists

πŸ‘ No-verification casino



πŸ‘Ž The casino don’t have a license

πŸ‘Ž Lack of payment options, other than Dash

πŸ‘Ž Unfair general terms

πŸ‘Ž The customer support is not 24/7

Casino bonuses and promotions

Casino bonuses

There aren’t any casino bonuses or promotions available. There is however a Referral program, which can reward you for every friend that you bring. You can earn up to 25% of House Edge on all bets that you place. The house edge percentage depends on the number of user that you bring.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Dash Video Casino legit?

No, Dash Video Casino does not hold an official license and we could not identify the owner of the platform. We recommend to always play at casinos with valid licenses.

How can I protect my account at Dash Video Casino?

Dash Video Casino supports account passwords and two-factor authentication. If you set an account password, you will be asked to enter this password each time you initially log into your account using your unique URL. If you enable two-factor authentication, you will need to enter a code from your smartphone to access your account and make withdrawals. You can enable these features from the account tab.

How do I get the DASH cryptocurrency?

The easiest way to find where to get Dash is probably Shapeshift . You can also check out the page on where to get Dash.

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