The casino is Super Legit

This scale is extremely uncommon because it can only be obtained by a highly reputable casino. This indicates that we sincerely recommend that platform and guarantee you will receive excellent treatment there.

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The casino is Super Legit
The casino is Legit

The casino is Legit

Only reputable casinos that have successfully completed our extensive testing process will display this scale. If the casino has a "Legit" rating, you're in solid hands.

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The casino is almost there

This scale indicates that the casino is nearly completely genuine, but it still has to make a few improvements before it can reach our highest rating.

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The casino is Almost There
The casino Needs Improvement

The casino needs improvement

This scale is available at casinos that might implement some improvement. Despite having fair licenses, these casinos fall into this category because to their unjust policies or low withdrawal limitations.

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The casino is questionable

Using this scale, we are able to identify casinos that have gathered a large number of negative factors for our LegitoMeter and too many unfair rules. We advise you to search for a casino that fits into our Legit scale if you come across one of these.

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The casino is Questionable
The casino is Unfair

The casino is unfair

Only casinos that are obvious scams and clearly designed with the intention of defrauding customers are listed on this scale. It is advised that you avoid these types of casinos.

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