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Preparation for the 2024 Safer Gambling Week

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Preparation for the 2024 Safer Gambling Week

Increase in Use of Tools for Responsible Gambling Reported in 2023 Safer Gambling Week Statistics

The 2023 Safer Gambling week has been hailed as the most successful to date. Between the 13th and 19th of November 2023, the 2023 Safer Gambling Week was declared a success by the BGC (Betting and Gaming Council).

Statistics for this gambling week revealed that players from the United Kingdom increased their use of tools for responsible gambling significantly. This was a real triumph for the BGC who had high hopes that the week would be a success and the results exceeded their expectations.

More about the 2023 Safer Gambling Week

This initiative was jointly created by the Bingo Association, the British Amusement Catering Trade Association, and the BGC. The aim of this special week is to raise the awareness of “responsible gambling” to UK players and encourage the use of the available tools for responsible gambling.

The final report for the 2023 Safer Gambling Week revealed that the initiative had been successful. There was a 300% increase in the setting of maximum stake limits and reality checks. Also, there was an increase of 18% in the setting of deposit limits. Very encouraging indeed for the BGC and the other parties.

Preparation for the 2024 Safer Gambling Week

Michael Dugher, acting Chair and CEO of the BGC, was very enthusiastic about the prospect of the 2024 Safer Gambling Week. After reviewing the repost for 2023 he stated “these new statistics demonstrate that the Safer Gambling Week initiative is working to promote the use of tools for safer gambling within the regulated industry”.

He went on to say “these tools are promoted by our members the whole year around. But the introduction of a dedicated week to safer gambling has galvanized the whole sector with massive support from MPs of all parties, from the Gambling Commission independent regulator, and the government as a whole”.

Dugher said that this focused week really “turbocharged” the work that had already been done and has really made a significant difference. He said “impressions and tools for safer gambling had achieved record numbers during the 2023 Safer Gamb ling Week. The industry is totally committed to the initiative to safer gambling”.

He concluded by saying “the initiative is designed to protect the millions of people that enjoy regular gambling and will continue to promote the use of safe gambling tools to ensure that their interests are protected”.

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