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Casino wagering requirements explained

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Casino wagering requirements explained

What are the wagering requirements for a bonus at online casinos?

Many casino sites offer bonuses that have rules and conditions for playing. In order to be able to unlock your winnings from the bonus, you need to roll it on different types of casino games. In the description to each offer you can check the games contributing to the rollover requirement. These are mostly slots, but there could be roulette, blackjack, baccarat or others. In this guide, we’ll explain how to play the bonuses and take your winnings.


How do the wagering requirements work?

There are wagering requirements to wager the bonus + deposit. You must wager on certain games to meet the wagering requirements rule. This is because the casino has made an assessment of your chances and has allocated special titles on which to play the bonus. For example, they may want you to play on games on a selected provider to meet the conditions. These games may have 20, 40 or more paylines per bet.

Real examples

Most online casinos require you to spin the initial bonus 35x times, and this includes winning and losing spins. Assuming you deposit $20 and get that much more bonus, you need to wager ($20 + $20) = $40 x 35 times, namely $1400, to be able to play the offer. In some casinos the wagering requirement may be 25 times or less.

What does the 40x wagering requirement mean?

The 40x rollover rule means that you must wager the amount you received as a bonus 40 times to convert the bonus funds into a real balance. Some casinos have terms and conditions that, in addition to the bonus, you must also wager your deposit 40 times. This means that you will have to scroll the total amount of your deposit and bonus 40 times. Let’s give you a quick example:

Kevin sign ups in a casino and receives 100% bonus on his deposit of $100. Automatically his balance is set to $200 ($100 deposit + $100 bonus funds). The wagering requirements of the bonus are 35x bonus and deposit. That means Kevin needs to wager 35x$200 in order to meet the requirements and be able to withdraw from the casino.

Other bonus requirements

Read all bonus requirements carefully. These state what minimum deposit will qualify you for the bonus, which deposit methods will not get you the bonus, what the time limit of the offer is, and other important things. If you’re having trouble with any of the rules, you should contact customer service for assistance. And here are most of the terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind when taking an initial bonus:

  • Maximum bet with bonus money – If you play max bet with your bonus funds it would be easier and faster to meet the bonus wagering requirement. That’s why check this rule and remember – the higher the maximum bet the better.
  • Time you have to roll the bonus – A player should be aware of the time frame given to any casino bonus. Terms of unfair casino bonuses are set to very few days for meeting the wagering requirements. Look for bonuses with 30 days or more time frame.
  • Minimum deposit – The standard for a minimum deposit requirement is $10 or $20.
  • Maximum winnings with bonus money – When choosing a casino bonus it’s important to know what is the maximum what you can win. It’s unfair practice casinos to set maximum winnings when playing with bonus. So look for offers that don’t have such a rule.

Usually these factors are described in the bonus rules, so you should read the terms and conditions and adopt them. See how much you can wager with the bonus, how much is the maximum payout you can reach, what is the time limit for fulfilling the draw rule and how much you need to deposit to take advantage of the welcome bonus offer.

Money bag

Can we beat the requirements?

Yes, you can. If you play carefully and monitor the progress of the bonus, you will know how to control your bets. You can start with a lower bet and increase it if you see you are having success. A reminder here that the bonus rollover includes both losing and winning spins. In other words, when you win again you meet the bonus requirements.

Games that contribute the most to the rollover

The games that contribute the most to wagering are slots. With these, you can place higher and lower bets to be able to play the offer. It is advisable to choose games with 20 or 40 paylines, as there is a real chance of being able to play the bonus. Of course, if you want a faster spin you can play on slots with 100 lines where the stakes are higher. Another option is Megaways games, which give you plenty of ways to win. Slots are one of the best options for completing wagering requirements of casino bonuses.

Casino gameContributing to wagering requirements in %
Baccarat5% to 15%
Blackjack5% to 15%
Roulette5% to 15%
Video Poker5% to 15%
Live casino tables5% to 15%

Tips for successful wagering your casino bonus

If you have the funds and can afford it, it is possible to play at maximum bet so that you can roll the bonus faster. The more you wager, the easier it will be to play the deposit and bonus amount. Of course, this isn’t always the best strategy, as high stakes can deplete your bankroll faster and leave you at zero.

Along these lines, we recommend that you don’t start with big bets before you start winning. In case you win a big amount, then you can up the ante to roll the bonus without waiting for a long time. In case you have more losses than wins, do not place the maximum bet because doing so will use up all your available funds.

Most casinos offer a 30-day time limit to roll the bonus. In other words, you are not obliged to roll it in 1 day, but you have enough time available to fulfill the requirements. If you’re not doing well at the moment, then postpone your bets for later.

Are there bonuses without wagering requirements?

There are online casinos that will give you a no deposit bonus that you don’t have to wager. Such promotions are rare, but they do exist and you can take advantage of them. Keep in mind, however, that these bonuses have limited payouts. To be even clearer, we will give an example of slot games that come to you with a minimum bet of $0.10. You usually get around 5 or 10 free games and your winnings are low in most cases. In other words, the amount won does not cover the withdrawal requirements from the account and you have to deposit to get a win.

Final words

If you want to take advantage of a welcome bonus, be sure to familiarize yourself with its rules. They state how many times you need to roll over the bonus and within what timeframe. Also, the games on which you need to play your bonus are indicated. Therefore, always keep checking so that you don’t miss something important that will come in handy later on.

We hope that our guide has been comprehensive enough and wish players the best of luck in wagering their bonuses so that they can withdraw their winnings from the games. It is important to note here that gambling is for adults only and carries a risk of developing an addiction.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don’t roll the bonus within the time limit?

In the event that you do not roll the bonus within the stipulated time, the offer will be cancelled, as will any winnings you have made through it.

How do I know if I have played my bonus?

Almost all casinos offer you bonus progress information. You can see what percentage you have played the offer, as there is a special scale for this. If you are missing information you can contact support for assistance.

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