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Paysafecard online casinos

Casino payment methods

These days, the best online casinos will usually accept several different payment methods that players can use for deposits and withdrawals. One of the most popular payment methods is the Paysafecard which is accepted at many online casinos today.

In this guide, we will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of using the Paysafecard at online casinos and will provide you with all of the other information that you need to decide if this payment method is for you.

We will also recommend the best online casinos that accept the Paysafecard as a payment method. While it is true that a lot of online casinos now accept the Paysafecard, not all of these casinos are honest and trustworthy. Some of them are unlicensed and just want to steal your money.

Our experienced team of online casino experts has reviewed several online casinos that accept Paysafecard and have chosen the best of these below. The team subjects all online casinos that it reviews with many stringent tests, and only those that pass all of these tests will appear on our recommended list.

List of the best Paysafecard online casinos

Is casino legit?

We have assembled a team of experienced online casino experts. They regularly review online casinos to assess whether they are legitimate, honest, and trustworthy. The team has devised several stringent checks and tests that they apply to every casino that they review. Only a small number of these online casinos pass all of the tests and end up on our recommended list below.

7bit casino logo

7bit casino

7bit casino accepts Paysafecard deposits

Licensed casino established in 2014

100% bonus up to 1.5 BTC

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Maneki casino logo

Maneki casino

Maneki casino accepts Paysafecard payments

Licensed casino established in 2019

100% bonus up to €333

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Surfcasino casino logo

Surf casino

7bit casino accepts Paysafecard deposits

Licensed casino established in 2017

100% bonus up to $1000

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What is the Paysafecard?

What is PaySafeCard

The Paysafecard has been around since the year 2000. It originated in Austria and is now available in many countries across the world. We define the Paysafecard as a prepaid card that does not require a supporting bank account as other cards do. This is ideal for the user as there is no requirement for them to provide their personal financial information.

Paysafecard works on a voucher system. Players can purchase Paysafecard vouchers at retail outlets where they reside. Right now, there are more than 650,000 retail outlets worldwide that sell Paysafecard vouchers. When you purchase a Paysafecard voucher, it will contain a unique code of 16 digits which you will use to make your deposit at the online casino.

The Paysafecard has been so successful that it has been acquired by the Paysafe Group. This group also owns the highly reputable e-wallet systems Neteller and Skrill. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the FCA (British Financial Conduct Authority). Over 60 countries have access to the Paysafecard.

These are some of the most important checks that our team makes when assessing online casinos

Valid operating license

We would never recommend that you play at an online casino that is unlicensed. This is very risky and can result in players losing all of the money they have deposited. There have been many cases where unlicensed online casinos have prevented players from obtaining their winnings for example.

Some online casinos will state that they have a valid operating license on their official website when this is not the case. Our team thoroughly researches this and checks with the licensing authority to ensure that the casino has a valid license from them.


It doesn’t always follow that a licensed online casino has a good reputation with its players. There are online casinos that don’t treat their players fairly and somehow manage to hold on to their licenses. So, our team looks for online reviews and uses other methods to check the reputation of an online casino.

All casinos that our team reviews are checked to see if they appear on any blacklist websites. Further checks are performed using active online casino forums to see if there are any negative posts about the casino.

Casino games availability

We will not recommend an online casino that accepts the Paysafecard but has a poor selection of casino games. Our team expects to find that there are many different casino games available including slots, popular table games, live dealer games, specialty games, and more.

Checks are made to see what software providers are making their casino games available. If well-known and reputable software providers have games at the online casino then this is a good thing. Some of the top software providers will not make their casino games available at online casinos that they deem to be untrustworthy and unfair to their players.

Customer support

It is essential that the online casino provides good support to their players.  Issues can arise when playing at an online casino at any time. Our team checks the methods available to contact the customer support team and expects to see a live chat feature as well as support through email.

We contact the customer support team of all the casinos that we review and ask them the same series of questions. The team checks for the responsiveness of the customer support team and also their knowledge in being able to answer the questions. Our team will never recommend an online casino that provides poor customer support.

Payment methods accepted

All of the online casinos in our recommended list below accept the Paysafecard. However, our team always reviews the other payment methods that the casino will accept. They expect to see a range of payment methods which include e-wallets and credit cards for fiat currency.

A lot of players these days want to use cryptocurrencies for their deposits and withdrawals. Not all online casinos can accept crypto due to the terms of their license. We also check to see if the methods available for withdrawal differ from those accepted for deposits. This is usually the case. Not all online casinos will allow withdrawals using the Paysafecard for example.

Other tests and checks

There are many other checks performed by our expert team when they review online casinos. They will check the bonuses and promotions offered and the terms and conditions of these bonuses to ensure that wagering requirements are not too onerous.

Security is very important and the team will check that the latest cutting-edge encryption technology is in place for all transactions. The team will review the general terms and conditions of the online casino to see if these are fair and perform numerous other checks as well.

Our recommended online casinos that accept Paysafecard

Of all of the many online casinos that accept Paysafecard that our team has reviewed to date, only 7 of them have passed all of the stringent tests and deserve to be on our recommended list. These are:

  • NeoSpin Casino
  • Turbico Casino
  • Maneki Casino
  • BitDreams Casino
  • NightRush Casino
  • King Billy Casino
  • BitKingz Casino

We are very happy to fully recommend all of the above online casinos. They are all legitimate and safe to play at. All of them accept the Paysafecard as well as other payment methods. You can register with any of these recommended online casinos and make a deposit in total confidence.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the Paysafecard at an online casino

All payment methods accepted by online casinos have advantages and disadvantages and the Paysafecard is no different. Since the Paysafecard first launched in 2000, it has added new features and services and the benefits of using the Paysafecard far outweigh the drawbacks.

Advantages of the Paysafecard

  • There are no hidden fees – when you purchase a Paysafecard voucher you will pay an upfront price for it and it will have a specific value. When you use the Paysafecard voucher to make a deposit at the online casino there are no additional fees to pay. If you have an account then maintenance charges will apply each month for vouchers that are not used. This will be in the region of 3 Euros a month
  • Transactions are fast – after confirming your deposit using a Paysafecard voucher, you should see the funds appear in your online casino account very quickly. Usually, this happens right after you enter the 16-digit code of your Paysafecard voucher
  • Fully secure – one of the biggest advantages of using the Paysafecard to make deposits at an online casino is that it is fully secure. There is no link established between the casino account and the payment method. It is impossible to re-use any Paysafecard voucher once you have used it to make a deposit. If the online casino was to suffer a cybercriminal attack, then you would not lose any money. Never will you have to provide any personal financial details when you use the Paysafecard
  • Available in over 60 countries worldwide – players from more than 60 countries across the world can now use the Paysafecard. You can pay for vouchers in your local currency and this is converted into a currency that the online casino will accept

Disadvantages of the Paysafecard

There are a couple of drawbacks to using the Paysafecard to make deposits at online casinos. You need to consider if these are an issue for you or not.

  • Account creation required for larger deposits – in several countries, you will need to register for an account if you want to make larger deposits and withdraw to your Paysafecard. Without an account, you can only purchase vouchers that have a low value and withdrawals will not be possible
  • Credit and debit cards are more widely accepted and available – you may not be able to use a Paysafecard voucher in your country. While Paysafecard is growing, it is currently only available in just over 60 different countries. Also, more online casinos will accept credit and debit cards than the Paysafecard. Of course, this will not be a problem for you if you choose to play at one of our recommended online casinos above that accept the Paysafecard

Making a deposit at an online casino with the Paysafecard

We are going to assume that you will want to register for an account so that you can take advantage of the higher deposit vouchers and the possibility of making a withdrawal. The first thing you need to do is to create an account by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Paysafecard official website and sign up (if there is no sign up button then this will mean that the Paysafecard is not available in your country
  2. Complete the registration form by entering a working email address, a password, and you country of residence
  3. Open the verification email from Paysafecard and click on the special link to verify your email address
  4. Provide your mobile phone number, full name, current address, and your date of birth
  5. You will receive an SMS from Paysafecard which contains a 6-digit code. Enter this into the website to verify your phone and complete your account registration

How to make Paysafecard deposit at the online casino

It is a simple process to make a deposit at an online casino using a Paysafecard voucher. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the cashier page at the official website of the online casino
  2. Choose to make a deposit
  3. There will usually be a drop-down list where you can select the Paysafecard option
  4. Enter the amount of the deposit that you want to make
  5. Enter the unique 16-digit Paysafecard voucher code when requested
  6. Your deposit funds should appear in your casino balance quickly

You need to check with the online casino that you are playing at that you will be eligible for bonuses and promotions if you make a Paysafecard deposit. This is certainly the case at all of our recommended Paysafecard online casinos. Things change often at online casinos so be sure to do a quick check before making your first deposit with Paysafecard.

How to make Paysafecard withdrawal at an online casino

The first thing to say here is that only some online casinos will permit withdrawals to a Paysafecard account. If the online casino you are using does accept Paysafecard withdrawals, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the cashier page of the casino website
  2. Choose to make a withdrawal
  3. Select the Paysafecard option from the accepted payment methods
  4. Enter the amount of the withdrawal that you want to make
  5. Confirm the transaction

The time that it takes the online casino to transfer the funds into your Paysafecard account will vary. You need to be aware that the online casino will check all of your withdrawal requests which will take some time. Once your request is approved your funds should arrive in your Paysafecard account in a couple of days.

Final words

The Paysafecard is a very secure and convenient way to make deposits at an online casino. If it is available in your country then we recommend you create an account and purchase vouchers from the nearest retail outlet. Only play at one of our recommended Paysafecard online casinos as you know that they are legit and that you can trust them.


Do all online casinos accept the Paysafecard for deposits and withdrawals?

No, there are a growing number of online casinos that will accept the Paysafecard but not all of them will. Withdrawals are not always possible at online casinos that accept the Paysafecard.

Can players from all countries use the Paysafecard?

Unfortunately not. At the time of writing this guide, more than 60 countries have access to the Paysafecard.

Is it safe to use the Paysafecard at online casinos?

Yes, it is one of the safest fiat currency payment methods.

Are casino bonuses available to players who make a deposit with the Paysafecard?

Yes, usually online casinos will not restrict bonuses if you have made a deposit using the Paysafecard.

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